Rule 84. Don’t let your phone/technology run your life.


You will not be one of those kids/people who is constantly glued to their phone. Before phones people would talk to one another, now we just send each other messages like robots.

I’m not saying don’t get a smart phone, but use it within reason and don’t let it run your life kids. You will be a more developed human being if you don’t rely on your phone.


Rule 83. Wear socks with shoes. (Sandals excluded obviously)

Because your shoes will stink. In some places it’s become all the rage to wear shoes without socks, but unless the shoes are really made for that like (top siders, canvas shoes, or other summer style shoes) you’re going to have a stinky shoe after you’re done.

If you’re a girl, you can probably ask your mom how to solve this problem since girls seem to be wearing shoes without any sort of lining all the time, other than stockings.

Rule 82. Don’t Hate Anyone


That doesn’t mean you have to like everyone either, it just means don’t waste your time hating someone. If they’re annoying, ignore them. If they’re rude to you, put them in their place. But don’t spend your time and energy hating anybody. Life is too short and too valuable to be wasted on hating somebody.


Rule 81. It’s better to be late to a party than early.


Because when you come early, not only is the host not ready for you. There are no snacks available for you and you have now all of a sudden inconvenienced the host because they have to serve you, because you decided to be a jackass and come earlier than announced. Be a little late, nobody cares and it makes it easier for you to slip out if its lame. Plus if you’re early, you’ll have to help most likely, which also sucks.

Rule 79. Things you do in the past will catch up to you.


So don’t screw up your future by being a screw up in the present. As a teenager you tend to think you’re invincible and your actions have no consequences. Let me tell you kids, you are not invincible and your actions (if stupid enough) will catch up to you. Try and think long term when making big decisions, especially if they are stupid ones.

Think, if I did this and it showed up on the New York Times, would I be okay with that? That’s usually a good barometer for knowing when something is good or bad.

Rule 78. Do not ever bring an animal to another persons house under any condition.

No one wants to have to accommodate your stupid animal’s needs. So do not be that person who brings their dog to the house and have it run all around.

The ownership of another living thing is a very big task. Only get a pet if you are ready and capable of taking care of that thing. Don’t just get a pet to get one.

More often than not, owning a pet is only worth it if your lifestyle can handle it, if you work 40 hours a week and your animal is alone by itself all the time, ruining your house mind you, is that really fair to the animal or you?

Rule 77. Living by the water is overrated.

You know who are the first to die when there is a hurricane? THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE BY THE WATER.

You know whose house gets ruined when there is a big storm? Lemme take a guess and say the PEOPLE BY THE WATER.

Living by the water is good for like 2 days out of the whole year, so get a hotel room for that.

Rule 76. Always volunteer to public speak or offer to go first.



 Public speaking is a talent and it will take you places if you embrace it as such.
I cannot emphasize how important this skill is and how easy it is. Just have no fear and remember everyone who is watching you is too afraid to do what you’re doing. So own it.
Also always go first when in a big class because you’ll get judged less harsh and will be admired for your courage. Win Win Baby!