Rule 91: Savor the Holidays

Kids, the holidays are a fun time of year. Enjoy it. Christmas and whatever else you end up celebrating in the future is about spending time with the ones you care about most. And stuffing your face with awesome food. So do both every year and don’t get stressed out about the stupid stuff.

Rule 90: Pay for Lawn Care & Landscaping

Kids a lot of folks like taking care of their lawn/garden, and if you become one of them, that’s okay. But I don’t, and you most likely wont because you’ll be our kids. So don’t be ashamed to pay someone to take care of your lawn and garden. Look at it this way, you’re stimulating the economy with your laziness. It’s a win-win.

That is if you still cut grass in the future.

Rule 89: Don’t be an e-mail tough guy.

Kids, this is a new phenomenon. But in the last 10 to 15 years, e-mail has become the way people communicate in the workplace. As a result, people LOVE to be e-mail tough guys. What’s that? Think of an internet troll, put a suit and tie on that person, sprinkle in some professionalism, and presto-chango you have a e-mail tough guy.

Do not be this person. They love to say mean or otherwise snarky things in e-mail that they would never dare say to your face or in a phone call. You will be respected by your peers by not being this person. Never hide behind a keyboard to defend yourself, and do not hesitate to put a e-mail tough guy in their place in the work place. Unless of course, they’re your boss.

Rule 87. No Bumper Stickers

They’re aggravating. At best you might make someone chuckle. At worst, someone might punch you in the head because you upset them somehow. So just don’t put them on your car, because not everyone needs to know your stance on cats, politics, religion, or anything else while driving at 60 MPH.