Rule 64. Don’t dress poorly.


Dress well, people notice. It is not hard to know how to dress, buy a fashion magazine every now and then to get an idea. But I guarantee that people, especially your employer/teacher will notice that you dress well and they will treat you with respect. Someone who dresses like a slob will often get treated like one. Unless of course you’re a zillionaire or a computer programmer because then nobody cares how you dress (sad but true).

Rule 63. Binge Drinking is ALWAYS a bad idea.


Only bad things arise from it (i.e. the horrendous hangover, an embarrassing hook up, or you drunk driving and killing somebody/yourself). I would venture to say that life’s pretty simple when you don’t drink at all. That was my choice. Plus kids, you’ll realize that eating delicious foods is a lot better way to spend your calories than drinking stuff that tastes like medicine.