Rule 30. Save all your coins and allowances.



This may be dated by the time you read this, since in 2014 almost nobody uses coins anymore.

BUT if you do get coins/or still receive paper money, save them. I cannot stress the importance of saving your money when you’re young and have no expenses. Save your money, so you can help pay for your college, cars, or anything else you may want that is expensive in the future.






Rule 29. Fitness Etiquette

When you are at the gym, here are some simple rules to follow. This way you won’t ruin the gym experience for your fellow gymgoers.

1- Wipe down all/any equipment you use! It’s disgusting if you don’t. Seriously it helps spread MRSA.

2- Never listen to your music without your headphones (unless no one else is in the gym, like literally the gym is empty)

3- Don’t grunt or yell, basically don’t act like a caveman. Nobody cares that you deadlifted a zillion pounds.

4- If someone has their headphones on, don’t bother them.

5- Don’t hog equipment, but stand your ground if you were using something.

6- Don’t just loaf on equipment, let other people work in.

7- If you are a boy, don’t wear something so revealing that everyone can see your kibbles and bits.

8- Wear Deodorant.

9- Be courteous to everyone at the gym.

10- Don’t give advice to anyone, unless someone asks. Nobody wants your “Expert” opinion.

Rule 26. Wear your wallet in your front pocket.



I know I know, everyone will call you crazy but having a big square in your butt for 12 hours will not be fun for you. Put in your front pocket, your back will hurt less and you will always know that you have it on you. Plus nobody can snatch it out of your front, unless they are extra frisky.