Rule 32. You can never go wrong with Mac & Cheese

You are going to eat it a lot at our house. Why? Because it’s my favorite food and I enjoy making it.

It’s simple, yet delicious. Here are a few guidelines for perfecting your mac & cheese experience.

1. If you can make it at home, with all your own ingredients, do it.  It will always taste better. (Make some macaroni. Then  melt butter in a small sauce pan (half a stick, add some flour to it so it thickens, then add some heavy cream/half&half/or Whole Milk. You know have a cream sauce, add your favorite cheese and now you have CHEESE SAUCE) Already 95% better than most mac & cheeses you will eat.

2. When ordering mac & cheese out, try and order it as a side to another delicious dish. Mac & Cheese completely by itself, while delicious, can get a little heavy. BUT as a delicious side to something like say…fried chicken or steak, now you’re cooking with gas.

3. You can try Easy Mac because it looks great on the box. But you wont ever have it at our house.

4. If you are at a fancy restaurant don’t be afraid to order the mac & cheese, this has almost always paid off for me. Why wouldn’t you want a great chef making an all time favorite? You’re paying top dollar, so you can order whatever you want.

5. If you are at a fast food chain, I would honestly avoid the mac & cheese. Most of the time it stinks and it ruins what you had in mind. Boston Market is the exception, even though they probably won’t be around when you are old enough to make decisions. But just know that there once was a place called Boston Market, and they served some delicious chicken and sides.