Rule 29. Fitness Etiquette

When you are at the gym, here are some simple rules to follow. This way you won’t ruin the gym experience for your fellow gymgoers.

1- Wipe down all/any equipment you use! It’s disgusting if you don’t. Seriously it helps spread MRSA.

2- Never listen to your music without your headphones (unless no one else is in the gym, like literally the gym is empty)

3- Don’t grunt or yell, basically don’t act like a caveman. Nobody cares that you deadlifted a zillion pounds.

4- If someone has their headphones on, don’t bother them.

5- Don’t hog equipment, but stand your ground if you were using something.

6- Don’t just loaf on equipment, let other people work in.

7- If you are a boy, don’t wear something so revealing that everyone can see your kibbles and bits.

8- Wear Deodorant.

9- Be courteous to everyone at the gym.

10- Don’t give advice to anyone, unless someone asks. Nobody wants your “Expert” opinion.