Rule 13. When in the dairy section, take the time to get your items from the back of the shelf.

The milk at the front of the shelf, for instance, is the oldest there and may expire in a few days if you check the date. The milk in the back, however, is freshest.



Kids, Pops here. That was Mom on the rule above, of course I would never be that smart to figure that little wrinkle out. Only figured that out when I started dating her. White People are smart, there is a reason why they run this place!

Another note on the whole dairy thing. Be very careful about which dairy you choose.  Let’s review the major dairy guidelines for being healthy.

A wise dairy sage elicited these tenets to me. So you will follow these:

Milk: I have no problems with Skim Milk, but make sure your milk is hormone free, organic, and that the Cow was pasture raised. Try and get it from a local area. You want your milk to be additive free, skim milk taste like blah, because all the goodies have been taken out. If it tastes like whole milk, it probably has additives.

Yogurt: From the sage himself, “You want your yogurt to be free of all additives and preservaties found in low and/or fat free yogurts. The ingredients in your yogurt should be simple – Milk and live cultures. ” So when you are eating that fat free garbage, just know it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Eat full fat, but just eat less, who said you have to eat a vat of yogurt? Same goes for the Greek Yogurts too. Don’t worry by the time you are done growing up in my house, you’ll only tolerate the full fat goodness anyways.

Cheese: Go for the local organic/additive free stuff. Look on the back of your cheese labels, you’ll see cellulose, sugar, xantham gum, and all sorts of other weird crap. I’m sure by the time you all can make your own food choices, half of this stuff will have been researched to cause like 3rd nipples or something.

Enjoy the wonderful world of dairy kids. Dairy makes everything better, unless of course you all develop lactose intolerance. Because then…well…Dairy ain’t your friend.