Rule 25. Motown & The R&B/Soul of the 60’s is always a good choice.

Motown and the music of the 60’s encompassed a golden age of music. Surround yourself with the key Motown artists: Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, The Four Tops, and The Jackson 5.


Also don’t forget the music of Stax out of Memphis and Muscle Shoals Alabama. This would include Otis Redding, Albert King, Sam And Dave, Booker T. and the MG’s, and Isaac Hayes to name a few. These artists ran parallel in time to Motown’s golden age and produced music of equal quality.




Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson is always a safe bet too.

Rule 23. When buying a car, you can never go wrong with a German car.

A Toyota or a Honda may be cheaper and might even be more reliable. But they wont ever give you the satisfaction that driving a German car will provide. So when in doubt, go German.

*Kids, Dad here. When I thought of this rule I was an Audi owner. I will say this German cars are so fun to drive. But, most people cannot work on them, so the maintenance is so expensive, terrifying even. I used to shudder when something would go wrong because I knew I would be out a lot of money.

So buy German cars when you can afford to fix them.


Rule 20. Dealing with Service People

When dealing with service persons you must advocate for yourself and get what you want and need, but it is crucial to be as nice as possible about it. Remember they are people too, and you wouldn’t want to be treated like a machine either.


But more importantly, because they have the power to be as helpful or unhelpful as they choose. And also they can spit in your food if you’re specifically dealing with food service.

Rule 19. Chivalry is not dead.

Any girl that is marriage material will appreciate you being a gentleman, trust me.


 *Caveat to this rule: Any girl that is marriage material will appreciate chivalry but is also fully capable of being their own knight in shining armor–IE can open their own door. Nothing worse than a brat who just stands by a car door and won’t open it herself


Rule 18.Collect something, or several different things.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but make sure it’s something you enjoy. You can collect cards if you want, but you don’t have to just because it’s what other people are collecting.

I collect foreign language dictionaries and phrase books. I think they’re adorable and fun and I love having them.

Oh! And you should also make sure to collect something along your travels, as a memento of all the places you’ve seen. I regret that I did not begin this practice earlier, but I’ve started to make sure that I at least get a cool pen from everywhere I go (most places have them, oddly enough). It’s cheap and travels easily.




Rule 16. Moisturize and put on Sunscreen.

This is a rule passed down to us, and to you, from our mothers (your grandmothers). We like it, too, particularly because they still look good from following it.

Also, SUNSCREEN. Always wear at least SPF 30 or higher. You’ll most likely be pale. Don’t feel sad, look at it this way,  in the olden days being pale was a sign of being rich! See Kids! Class Entitlement! 

But seriously though, skin cancer sucks. It’s killed a lot of people, it cost the Eagles the shot at a Super Bowl because it killed our defensive coordinator. So, put some sunscreen on.